Setting Up myDahill

Welcome to the myDahill service. The e-info service provides our customers the ability to manage their equipment/item and serviceable items online. You can do any of the following: Obtain pertinent account information View service information View equipment/item information Place service calls online View meter information Input meter readings Place orders online View order information Manage user accounts online

To navigate e-info, you will use the different tile menus on the e-info homepage. The tile menus provide access to the different areas of e-info: Meters, Equipment/Item, Account summary, Invoices, Sales orders, Service calls, and Account Settings. You use the links and buttons on each tile to navigate to the various pages and areas of e-info. Only certain tiles may display depending on the individual needs of your company and the individual rights of the user.

Logging In

When logging in to e-info, the process differs slightly depending on whether or not you have access to login to one company location or access to login to several different company locations. Use the appropriate topic below.

Creating a New User

If we have given your company the rights in our system, you have the ability to create new users right from the e-info website homepage. e-info can be set up to allow all new users to create a new account or only allow your e-info Admin to create new user accounts. If you do not have the rights to create users, contact your e-info Admin to create the new user account or update/edit an existing user account. If you do not have an e-info Admin, contact us and we will set up the new user account or edit an existing user account. If the user for which the new user account is being created does not already exist in our system, a new contact record will be created in our system. If an e-info user contact record already exists in our system but does not have e-info rights, the system will match the email you entered with the one in our system and give the user the default e-info access rights.

To create a new e-info user, do the following.

1.    Go to the e-info URL we provided you.

2.    Click the New user? Sign up now hyperlink.

Options Menu

From the Options menu You can edit your profile via the Options menu located in the top, right corner of the customer homepage you can do the following. · Log off e-info · Edit your profile · Change your password

Updated on May 9, 2017

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