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Searching For a Location by Equipment

You have the ability to find a specific customer location by searching for the equipment at that location. If you are an e-info user that is part of a very large customer group, being able locate the location by searching for the equipment eliminates having to scroll through a large number of locations. To find a location by searching for the equipment at that location, do the following. From the e-info login page, click [Login]. You will be redirected to the Switch Location page.Under the Search equipment (All locations) heading, do the following:

In the field that is under the Search field, use the dropdown menu to select the option by which you would like to locate the equipment. You may select one of the following. 1. Equipment number 2. Serial number or 3. Location

In the Search field, enter the search criteria that correspond with the option you selected. Click [Search]. E-info displays the results of your search in the Results field. If there are multiple matches, the resultsĀ field displays the number of matches found. If only one match is found, the Results field displays the equipment number, serial number and/or the description of the equipment found.
If you are searching based on Equipment number or Serial number and only one location is found that matches your search criteria, the Quick Link buttons display that provide quick access to the corresponding areas for that customer location.Note: The links that display depend on which areas of e-info you have the rights to access.Clicking this button redirects you back to the Switch Location page

Updated on May 1, 2017

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