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From the Search tile you can perform a search for equipment/item, invoices, meters, sales orders, and service calls. When entering search criteria you may enter partial information. For example, if you are searching for a certain piece of equipment/item you may enter a portion of the item number, serial number, equipment/item description, etc. The system queries the appropriate fields for the information you provide and returns a list of results that contain the search criteria.

Searching for Equipment/Item

To search for specific pieces of equipment/item, do the following.

1.   From the Search tile on the myDahill homepage, click the [].

The Select Search Type window opens.

2.    Select Equipment/Item. The Select Search Type window closes and you are returned to the e-info homepage with Equipment/Item displayed in the Search tile.

3.    Enter any of the following information.
Note: You may enter partial information for any of the following.

  • Equipment/Item number
  • Equipment/Item description
  • Equipment/Item serial number
  • Equipment/Item location address
  • Contact for the equipment/item
  • Phone number associated with the equipment/item
  • Fax number associated with the equipment/item

4.    Click the magnifying glass. The Equipment/Item page displays with a list of all equipment/item that meet your search criteria.

5.    To perform tasks regarding equipment/item, see the Equipment/Item topic for further instruction.


Updated on May 19, 2017

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