Multiple Locations

You have the ability to give a user access to more than one location. That user will have the ability to perform equipment/item management tasks, for which they have rights, for the locations to which they have access. For example, if given the proper rights, you can place orders for multiple company locations. If given the proper rights, a user may also login as the Master location. Logging in as the Master Location allows the user to perform activities in the Service, Equipment/Item, and Meters areas of e-info for all your company’s child locations. To login to a different location, do the following:

Click [Login]. You will be redirected to the Switch Location page.

2. Select the location to which you want access. A green checkmark displays in the box to the left of the location and you are automatically redirected to the selected customer’s e-info homepage.

3. You can switch locations at any time from the customer’s e-info homepage by clicking [Switch location or search all equipment] located at the top of the page.

Clicking this button redirects you back to the Switch Location page.

Updated on May 9, 2017

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