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From the Account Settings tile you can add new e-info users, edit, current e-info users and manager e-info user rights.

You can add new portal users via the Users link in the Account Settings tile. In order to be able to add new portal users, you must have the proper rights. If you are not an administrator the Users link does not display. When adding a new user, you first enter general user information including name, email address, password, etc. You will then give the user the rights you want them to have for using e-info. After you have defined the portal user rights, you can then identify the password you want this user to use to login to myDahill Portal. 

To add users do the following:Click on the Users link. The User Management page displays.Click [Add] to be redirected to the Add profile pageIn the Contact information region, enter the appropriate information in the following fields.In the Customer association and web access region, check or uncheck the box in the Linked column next to each location for which you want this user to have the ability to loginTo give or remove the user access to or remove access from the different areas of e-info, check or uncheck the boxes in any of the following corresponding columns.
: Gives the user the rights to view equipment/item information.
Sales Orders: Gives the user the rights to create and view sales order information.
Service Calls: Gives the user the rights to create and view service call information.
Meter Entry: Gives the user the rights to view and enter meter reading information.
Service History: Gives the user the rights to view the service history.
Order by Category: Gives the user the ability to locate items they want to order by item category.
User Management: Gives the user the ability to manage e-info users.
Note: When identifying rights you may only give access to those areas for which you have address.
Propagate To Locations: This option is only available for parent locations. When checked, all contacts associated with the parent customer inherit the rights that the parent location has for all locations.

Updated on May 9, 2017

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